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Rise Up, Brothers

A CD of Piti's Music

Le Fre Nene Leve -- Rise Up, Brothers: Piti's music from Haiti, produced by Bill Eichner

As you know if you have already read A Wedding in Haiti, my beloved Bill always goes a step further than I signed up for! That is, if I'm going to write "a whole book about Piti," why not produce a whole CD of Piti's music? Bill asked Piti; his wife, Eseline; his brother, Adner; and their friend, Eliana, to tape their music in Jarabacoa. With the help of his daughter, the artist Sara Eichner, Bill designed a lovely cover and working with an online company, he produced Rise Up, Brothers. Bill has been selling the CD's while we've been on the road for my book tour -- and 100% of proceeds go to Piti and his band. You can preview the songs and order a copy of the CD or download individual songs below or at Enjoy!

A Wedding in Haiti: The Story of a Friendship, a book of nonfiction by Julia Alvarez, available now in hardcover and paperback -- click for book summary

Meet Piti, Eseline and friends in:

A Wedding in Haiti
by Julia Alvarez

(Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books, April 2012)
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